How-to: Maintenance

  1. How-To / Maintenance

    Sail cleaning and coating

    Rupert Holmes
    Jan 8, 2021

    Rupert Holmes weighs up the benefits of paying for professional sail cleaning over the cost of buying new sails. …Read More

  2. How-To / Maintenance

    How to clean your outboard engine

    Lenny Rudow
    Dec 22, 2020

    Taking the time to clean your outboard engine and keep it looking shiny will make you proud of your boat, while increasing resale value. …Read More

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  4. How-To / Maintenance

    How to upgrade and improve your yacht

    Rupert Holmes
    Dec 18, 2020

    Rupert Holmes looks at improvements that will transform the comfort, efficiency and handling of any boat. …Read More

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  7. How-To / Maintenance

    Boat moorings: how to find the right one

    Rupert Holmes
    Dec 11, 2020

    Finding a mooring that’s both convenient and affordable is not an easy task. Rupert Holmes outlines the options and shines a spotlight on where to look. …Read More

  8. How-To / Maintenance

    Laying-up and winterisation tips

    Rupert Holmes
    Dec 11, 2020

    Laying-up time? This handy checklist can help you to ensure your boat is tucked up safe and sound this winter, ready to hit the new season in tip-top condition. …Read More

  9. How-To / Maintenance

    Boating tips: outboard laying up blunder

    Lenny Rudow
    Dec 1, 2020

    Take a look at this quick tip on preventing outboard engine frost damage this winter. …Read More

  10. How-To / Maintenance

    How to winterise an outboard engine

    Charles Plueddeman
    Nov 24, 2020

    It's not that complicated to winterise an outboard engine, but get it wrong, and you could pay a hefty price for repairs in the Spring. …Read More

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  12. How-To / Maintenance

    5 ways to protect your boat this winter

    Lenny Rudow
    Nov 17, 2020

    There are a number of ways to protect your boat over winter, says Lenny Rudow. …Read More

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  14. How-To / Maintenance

    14 tips to make sure your safety gear is in order

    Lenny Rudow
    Nov 10, 2020

    Whether you’re an old salt or a brand new boater, you need to make sure your safety gear is in order. …Read More

  15. How-To / Maintenance

    Yachting ropes explained

    Rupert Holmes
    Nov 3, 2020

    A little bit of knowledge will go a long way in helping you to choose the right yachting rope for the job on your yacht, as Rupert Holmes explains. …Read More

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