Sell my Boat: Boat Seller's Guide

  1. Boat Seller's Guide

    How to negotiate boat prices

    Rupert Holmes

    It should be possible to make your buyer feel like he's got a bargain without dropping below your minimum price, says Rupert Holmes. …Read More

  2. Boat Seller's Guide

    Boat valuations: how to price a boat for sale

    Rupert Holmes

    Make a correct call on your boat valuation and you will save time selling your boat. …Read More

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  4. Boat Seller's Guide

    How to prepare a boat for sale

    Rupert Holmes

    How to maximise your chances of a smooth, hassle-free sale - use this handy guide to prepare your boat for sale. …Read More

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  7. Boat Seller's Guide

    How to sell a boat

    Rupert Holmes

    Everything you need to know about selling your boat. This boat selling guide provides step-by-step information to sell your used boat. …Read More

  8. Boat Seller's Guide

    Boat surveys: an essential guide

    Alex Smith

    It might not be the first thing on your mind, but a boat survey might actually prove to be the best money you ever spend. …Read More

  9. Boat Seller's Guide

    Part exchange: how to trade in your boat

    Rupert Holmes

    If you're planning to change boats, it is well worth looking into the part-exchange and trading in options available through brokers. …Read More

  10. Boat Seller's Guide

    Is it time to sell my boat?

    Rupert Holmes

    Very few of us wake up one morning and realise "it's time to sell my boat", we look at the decision points for and against. …Read More

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  12. Boat Seller's Guide

    How to video your boat using a smartphone

    Tim Claxton

    Shoot a good boat video with nothing but your smartphone and sell your boat faster. …Read More

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  14. Boat Seller's Guide

    Using a broker

    Carol Cronin

    Should you use a yacht broker for your boat sale? What are the advantages? …Read More

  15. Boat Seller's Guide

    How to select your advertising package on

    Carol Cronin

    Based on your needs, desired time frame, type of boat, select the right package for selling your boat. …Read More

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