Zodiac has continued to update its extensive range of RIBs, inflatable boats, tenders and liferafts with the expansion of new concepts, new hulls and new designs. In addition to displaying three new models at the London Boat Show (including the Cadet 310 Neo, Pro Classic 420 and the Yachtline Deluxe 420), Zodiac has also introduced a new range of luxurious Medline boats, as well as adding three new tenders to the Zoom range.

Zodiac Pro Classic 420

The new Zodiac Pro Classic 420

Trevor Newton-Walker, Customer Services Manager of Zodiac, said: “Our customers have a huge array of requirements when it comes to choosing the right boat, RIB or tender and Zodiac is constantly striving to offer as many options as possible. This year alone we have added six new boats from five to 7.6 metres and we have re-designed seven boats so they can give the best performance possible when out on the water. Zodiac will continue to extend the possibilities for its customers in addition to leading the way in the design and manufacturing of RIBs”.

As well as changes and additions to the Medline and N-ZO ranges, the ever-popular Pro and Pro Open line-ups have also been updated and redesigned to offer more options to customers. The models in the Pro range are now offered with a variety of tube designs and a choice between PVC or Hypalon-Neoprene fabric in addition to a wide choice of colours. The re-designed Pro Open range incorporates bright and energetic accents of colour while the 550 is now equipped with a rear passenger seat, which will safely and comfortably seat three passengers.

Purchasers of the Zodiac Pro Classic 420 (pictured), have the option to customise the deck layout of the boat with various seat and console options and users are also offered a choice between a white or grey polyester hull and matching accessories. Available with red or black tubes, the Pro Classic was designed to offer unparalleled safety on board and includes a non-slip deck. The Pro Classic 420 also offers a high load capacity, seating up to seven passengers. We will bring you more on Zodiac’s 2012 range as details emerge.



Written by: Alex Smith
Alex Smith is a journalist, copywriter and magazine editor with a long history in boating and a happy addiction to the water. He’s worked on boats, lived on boats, bought boats, sold boats and – when he’s not actually on board a boat – he can generally be found in his Folkestone office, tapping away at the computer and gazing out to sea.