The Xquisite X5 is a new cruising multihull from South Africa. Deiter Wanke takes a look around the boat at Cannes, in this First Look Video.

What is amazing about this 50-footer is you can even operate it alone because you have two electric winches operated by foot, the control lines are all underneath the deck. Then there's the roof that opens like a convertible car.

The boat has so many new and interesting details, for example the watermaker which is run by solar cells only, so you don't need a generator. The boat also comes with an onboard tablet computer where you can operate or monitor any function on the boat.

There seems to be storage everywhere on this boat. Just one example is in the galley where you can open a drawer and there's much more storage behind. There's even storage behind the steps.

The accommodation on the Xquisite X5 is light and airy. In the aft cabin you have an incredible bank of windows so you can look out onto the ocean when you're in bed.