Over recent years, Williams' jet tenders has become a premium brand for the superyacht tender audience. It is good to see the new Minijet entering the market, which pares that right back and therefore offers an affordable entry-level option. We took a video tour of the boat at the recent Southampton Boat Show.


The Williams Minijet is a lot lighter than any of the other boats in the range at just 210kg. It is also a lot less powerful than the equivalent Turbojet 285. This is an Ace 900 engine, which turns out just 45hp, which means you're good for 30 knots, but that's still 10 knots short of the Turbojet 285.

Plainly this is not quite the high octane runabout that some Williams fans have become accustomed to, but given that you can quite easily fit this on modest cruisers of 38ft or more, it's going to come as a very welcome addition to the Williams fleet.

Williams Minijet

Check out this baby runabout in Alex Smith's Williams Minijet video tour.

Written by: Alex Smith
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