When Suzuki launched its portable DF15A and DF20A four-stroke outboard motors in 2012, they looked very useful for small tenders and inland craft. Based on a 302cc block, they came in at a weight of just 44kg - an extraordinary 40 per cent lighter than Suzuki’s existing DF25 and significantly lighter than any comparable engine on the market. They also came with an entirely new fuel injection system, including an inline high-pressure fuel pump, throttle body and fuel cooler, plus a vapor separator and fuel injector. And by making these components smaller than those used on Suzuki’s larger EFI engines of 40hp and above, the weight savings brought a much wider range of potential transoms into play.


suzuki's new power tilt

The range of potential applications for the new Suzuki engine is extremely broad

Suzuki Power Tilt available from early summer

The Power tilt version will be available from early summer

Given that the idea behind these engines has always been breadth of application, it was inevitable that we would eventually see a power tilt option emerge and happily, Suzuki has now announced exactly that. Production of the new Suzuki DF15AT and DF20AT models is set to begin immediately with a view to UK availability early in the summer – and at just 53.5 kg in weight, the Suzuki DF20AT will continue the brand’s good work in this bracket by taking its place as the lightest power tilt 20hp outboard on the market and the only 20hp outboard to combine this feature with an EFI system.

Adding to Suzuki's ease of use

In addition to versatility of application, another key imperative with the new models is ease of use. That is brought about by a world first at this power level in the form of a battery-free EFI system. In tandem with Suzuki's Lean Burn Fuel Control, it should help produce smoother throttle response and (more importantly in the current market) greater fuel efficiency. In short, virtually any application, from entry-level leisure to modest commercial concerns, and any form of boat, from small RIBs and tenders to inland day boats and small fishing craft, can now turn to the DF20 as a feasible option. In a difficult marketplace it looks like a very sage move from the Suzuki camp.