Removing your gloves when using your iPhone, iPad or smartphone on a boat can be a real pain in the winter months, with frozen fingers making the whole process very uncomfortable. But has come up with a cunning solution. Touchscreen gloves

These Touchscreen Gloves use a conductive thread in the fingers and thumbs, conveying electrical impulses from your hand to any type of touchscreen device. This means you can touch, tap and scroll with precision, despite being out and about. Neil Thompson of said: “Now that most parts of the UK are finally experiencing plunging temperatures and wintry conditions, the arrival of Touchscreen Gloves is perfectly timed. They’re the ideal solution to a very real problem faced by iPhone and smartphone users everywhere.” Touchscreen Gloves offer ‘ten-finger’ functionality and are fully washable. At just £7.99 a pair, they could be the perfect stocking filler, see Monster Stuff to order.