The new motor, which was the overall winner of the prestigious DAME award (see Torqeedo Wins DAME Award at METS), is an 80hp unit designed to offer commercial operators and green boaters outstanding efficiency with greater power and range. To improve usability, the Lithium batteries come with a nine-year capacity guarantee and the on board computer uses GPS to calculate remaining range as well as to display travel time and courses to steer.

Torqeedo Deep BlueDr Christoph Ballin, Torqeedo founder and CEO, said: “We are delighted to be presenting the Deep Blue system at the London Boat Show, which will be the first time it has been showcased to the UK market since its launch in November. With battery costs being independent of the amount of usage, commercial users with petrol costs over £3,600 can begin to save money by switching from a petrol to an electric motor, such as the Deep Blue. The fact that it is more environmentally friendly and forward-thinking, as well as being much quieter than a petrol motor, is a bonus.

“The Deep Blue system will also be most welcome for boat owners on waters where the use of petrol motors is limited or prohibited, offering price-performance ratio benefits, together with comfort and safety over the individually manufactured drives, which have previously dominated this segment of the market.”

As you might expect, however, the initial purchase price is high. The Deep Blue system has a battery capacity of between 26 kWh and 52 kWh and a recommended selling price (excluding batteries) of £14,999. Battery bank prices are dependent on capacity and range, from £24,598 (26kWh) to £49,196 (52 kWh). For further information, visit

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