The European Powerboat of the Year award ceremony – along with the European Yacht of the Year awards – the equivalent for sailboats – has become a major event in the marine calendar, adding a dash of glamour and excitement to the darkest days of January. In the five powerboat categories, the shortlist and the winning boats are decided by the editors of eight European specialty magazines, who test each candidate before casting their votes. Build quality, fit-out, seakindliness, interior layout, overall concept, price and performance are the key criteria for the judges. The winners will be presented with their trophies during the Delius Klasing Flagship Night, an invitation-only gala on the evening of January 23 – the opening day of the Dusseldorf Boat Show.


Category: Up to 25ft (7.62m)

XO250 – European Powerboat of the Year 2016 nominee

The XO 250 Open is rated up to 350hp – a lively entry in the under 25ft category.


XO 250 Open

A speedy runabout from Finland with a predilection for choppy waters and lots of power.

LOA: 7.52m
Beam: 2.28m
Displacement: ca. 1, 5 t
Engine: 150 HP to 350 HP outboard


Bayliner XR7

This pontoon boat features an innovative M-shaped hull, lots of freeboard and space for a football team and a half.

LOA: 7.77m
Beam: 2.59m
Displacement: 2,000kg
Engine: Up to 250hp
Bayliner XR7 reviews: 5 of the best boats of 2015 and Six perfect party boats.


Bella 600 BR

A centre console boat from Finland with a forward cockpit and seating for up to six passengers.

LOA: 6.05m
Beam: 2.34m
Displacement: 900kg
Engine: 80-150hp


Four Winns Vista 255

Sport cruiser from the US with a high-volume hull that creates oodles of interior space.

LOA: 7.62m
Beam: 2.55m
Displacement: 2,500kg
Engine: 300hp


Ranieri International Interceptor 222

A centre console that brings a touch of Italian flair and style to sport fishing.

LOA: 6.60m
Beam: 2.50m
Displacement: 1,400kg
Engine: Up to 230hp or see our 2012 Ranieri Voyager 19S review.


Category: Up to 35ft (10.67m)

Axopar 28 TT – European Powerboat of the Year 2016 nominee

Axopar: "devoted to building boats that are exhilarating to drive, competitively priced and fuel efficient”. It’s very difficult to argue with that.


Axopar 28

Sporty 28-footer from Finland with a stepped hull that is offered in a variety of fit-outs.

LOA: 8.99m
Beam: 2.85m
Displacement: 2,000kg (approx.)
Engine: 150–350hp outboard
Axopar 28 TT review: dashing performer


Cranchi Z35

Cranchi’s latest cruiser was designed with a level cockpit, inside and out.

LOA: 11.55m
Beam: 3.49m
Displacement: TBC
Engine: 2 x 260hp sterndrives


Invictus 280 TT

Multifunctional fun machine that also could double as a tender for something really big.

LOA: 8.90m
Beam: 2.84m
Displacement: 2,900kg
Engine: 350hp


Nimbus 305

Family cruiser in the Scandinavian tradition. Solidly built and sensibly appointed.

LOA: 9.87m
Beam: 3.25m
Displacement: 4,000kg
Engine: 110–220hp



Sasga Minorchino 34

Special attention was paid to the interior design to maximise available space.

LOA: 10.00m
Beam: 3.80m
Displacement: 8,500kg
Engine: Up to 2 x 225hp


Category: Up to 45ft (13.72m)

Beneteau GT40: European powerboat of the year 2016 nominee

Beneteau GT40 offers a fully retracting hard top and removable side glazing.


Beneteau Gran Turismo 40

Sporty hardtop cruiser from Beneteau that is offered with a practical sunroof.

LOA: 12.67m
Beam: 3.87m
Displacement: 8,000kg
Engine: Up to 2 x 370hp or take  a look at the bigger Beneteau GT 49 Fly video.


Boston Whaler 420 Outrage

A luxury centre console with an optional flybridge and appetite for horsepower.

LOA: 13.00m
Beam: 3.96m
Displacement: 10,500kg (approx)
Engine: Up to 1,675hp
Boston Whaler 420 Outrage review: the new top dog.


Fountaine Pajot MY 37

New entry-level power cruiser by the French multihull builder with lots of space and range.

LOA: 11.00m
Beam: 5.10m
Displacement: 8,900kg
Engine: 300–440hp (2x150hp–2x220hp)


Marex 375

This hardtop cruiser from Norway comes with a large aft cockpit and some fresh ideas.

LOA: 11.99m
Beam: 3.55m
Displacement: 8,000kg (approx)
Engine: Up to 2 x 300hp


Steeler NG 43

Dutch aluminium cruiser that delivers high performance with an eye on fuel efficiency.

LOA: 13.00m
Beam: 4.48m
Displacement: 12,000kg
Engine: 480hp


Category: Over 45ft (13.72m)

Azimut Magellano 66: European Powerboat of the year 2016 nominee

Azimut Magellano 66: a megayacht in just 20 metres.


Azimut Magellano 66

A stylish new trawler from an upscale Italian builder.

LOA: 20.15m
Beam: 5.40m
Displacement: 44,500kg
Engine: 2 x 800hp
Azimut Magellano 66 review: a 20-metre megayacht


Galeon 500 Fly

Designed by Tony Castro and built in Poland, this flybridge yacht surprises with innovative solutions.

LOA: 16.20m
Beam: 4.45m–6.00m
Displacement: 23,000kg
Engine: Up to 2 x 725hp
Galeon 500 Fly review: ingenuity and execution.


Jeanneau Leader 46

Jeanneau’s new hardtop cruiser features a smart partition between deck salon and aft cockpit.

LOA: 14.30m
Beam: 4.10m
Displacement: 10,600kg
Engine: Up to 2 x 400hp
Jeanneau Leader 46: new flagship announced


Sea Ray L 590 Fly

This model constitutes a foray into the upper end of the market by a large US manufacturer.

LOA: 17.93m
Beam: 4.87m
Displacement: 30,000kg
Engine: TBC


Ferretti 550

A well-mannered, sharp-looking new platform with a focus on cruising for relaxation in style.

LOA: 16.82m
Beam: 4.82m
Displacement: 24,860kg
Engine: 715hp


Category: Displacement Yachts

Boarncruiser 1200 Elegance

Boarncruiser 1200 Elegance: European steel.


Boarncruiser Elegance 1200

A modern rendition of the traditional steel yacht with a practical interior and attractive styling.

LOA: 12.16m
Beam: 3.95m
Displacement: TBC
Engine: 1 x 150hp


Linssen Grand Sturdy 530

The name says it all: a solid cruising yacht with inside steering. The convertible roof is optional.

LOA: 16.30m
Beam: 5.13m
Displacement: 31,000kg
Engine: 2 x 132hp
Linssen Yachts: crafting in steel


Integrity 47 XL

Looks, fit-out and build quality are the strong suits of this yacht that was conceived for canal cruising.

LOA: 14.40m
Beam: 4.35m
Displacement: 15,000kg
Engine: 225–480hp


Super Lauwersmeer Evolve 48 OC

Sunrise in the cockpit or sundowner in the salon, it’s all in a day’s work for this Dutch cruising yacht.

LOA: 14.60m
Beam: 4.50m
Displacement: 22,000kg
Engine: 150hp