The Suzuki DF4A, DF5A and DF6A are built around the same 138cc block as the previous 4, 5 and 6hp models but they come with a selection of carefully conceived upgrades designed to make them easier to use. For a start, they feature a pair of sturdy carry handles, making them relatively simple to lift on and off your boat and at 24kg, the weight is also (very slightly) lower. However, of more significance is the new three-way storage capability, which ought to make the new engines much easier to handle. An improved fuel and lubricating systems means the outboard can be stored on any of its three sides (port, starboard or front) without the risk of fuel or oil leakage.

Suzuki portable outboard engines

The new engines can be stored on all three sides without leakage.

Out on the water, the good news continues. A new gravity-fed fuel system means you don’t have to prime the line before starting after storage; an easy recoil starter ought to mean less effort to get the engine running; and an upgraded tilt system is also designed to “improve the overall operation of the outboard”. With Suzuki’s traditional offset crankshaft allied to an upgraded low-vibration tiller, these new motors should be just as quiet and reliable as the old engines; and they also come with a “unique” colour known as ‘Nebular Black’. On the evidence of the images, it looks largely indistinguishable from the black of the older outboards, but if you like what you see, Suzuki’s anti-corrosion system will also be a welcome feature. It is applied directly to the aluminium, improving the bond between the surface and the finish and increasing durability.

Portable outboard weight

Like most portable outboards, It can be lifted by just one exceedingly strong man.

Masahiro Yamamoto, General Manager for Suzuki Marine’s European Liaison Office, said: “We are confident that these new outboards will be incredibly popular in what is an important market sector and we look forward to seeing many of them out on the water.” If prices are comparable to the outgoing models, we can expect the new 4, 5 and 6hp motors to cost around £925, £1,025 and £1,125 respectively. All three engines are now available to order via Suzuki’s authorised network throughout Europe.

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Written by: Alex Smith
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