Sealine was originally a British boatbuilder, but the craft are built in Germany these days and the influence of the marque's new home is evident in this newly launched design with some clever engineering touches.

The Sealine C430 is all about outside living, which is very much the trend these days. There is a rather nice barbecue area and rather nice LEDs moving to the aft deck there's a folding table and a nice big area for entertaining.


It's inside the boat that you really see the changes from the Sealines of old that we all know and love. Look at the saloon, you've got big windows and you've got a sliding hard top, and roof windows as well. Continuing with a theme that makes the best use of space, you can actually turn the whole helmsman's seat back and it will then drop down to add to the social space.

There are several cabin options available, the boat we looked at is the three-cabin version. In the forward cabin there is a scissor berth that can give you two singles, then there's a full width owner's cabin that runs right across the middle of the boat and there's a guest cabin to starboard. Two of the cabins have ensuite facilities.

This is a solidly built boat, with nice high, safe bulwarks, a nice high rail and you can duck into the sidedoor and steer the boat with your head out in the breeze, thanks to the sliding roof.

This particular boat is on the market for £565,000 (including VAT) and we are told that a flybridge version will be available from January 2018.