In its first year as title sponsor of the RYA Dinghy Show, Suzuki has launched three RYA-recommended safety boat packages for affiliated sailing clubs...


Suzuki and Rigiflex

At the entry level, it has teamed up with Rigiflex, renowned for building some of the best compact roto-moulded plastic safety boats around.

Suzuki Rigiflex package

Suzuki Rigiflex package: The Newmatic 360 and the DF9.9 come in at under £3,900.


These joint-free, one-piece, polyethylene craft are massively robust and have proven well able to provide years of maintenance-free service. This particular model (the Newmatic 360) is spot on for the rough and tumble of concerted inland and inshore use and is being packaged with a Suzuki DF9.9 for just £3,860.


Suzuki and Ribcraft

Further up the scale, there has been a rekindling of the team that helped provide the fleet for the London Olympics.

Suzuki Ribcraft package

Suzuki Ribcraft package: Select either the Ribcraft Inshore 4.8 or the Coastal 5.85 to go with a DF40 or DF90.

On the one hand, you have Ribcraft (famous British RIB builder and friend to the traditional mariner who values substance over swagger); and on the other you have Suzuki (perennial eschewer of the big shows, regular attender of the small ones and self-styled ally of the grass-roots boater).

The two models selected for the scheme are the Inshore 4.8 and the Coastal 5.85 – the former with a Suzuki DF40 for £13,832 and the latter with a DF90 for £21,483. Okay, so these prices are apparently “special” RYA club deals, but I have no doubt that if you give the builders a bell, they will be able to sort something out – and if they can’t, then how about a third (rather extraordinary) option that also appeared on the Suzuki stand...


Suzuki and Winboat

Yes, it’s a foldable boat from little known Russian builder, Winboat. Established in 2008, the company builds RIBs that fold into a single compact unit, enabling rigid-hulled boating alongside compact inflatable convenience.

Winboat Foldable RIB

Winboat Foldable RIB: New from little known Russian builder, Winboat, is a foldable RIB.

There are several models in a range that goes from 3.3 to 5.3 metres in length and I have to say, the concept looks extremely promising - but I have yet to get one on the water, so rather than recommend it now, I shall add it to the priority list and get back to you with a test report as soon as I can...