Monaco, Monaco, Monaco. Home not just to the famous F1 street circuit, but also to an endless procession of exotic sports cars and perfectly arranged A-listers. You’ve got to love it haven’t you...

Revolver 44GT

"By no means your average 44ft runabout" - just the second model from Revolver, the 44GT is littered with design departures... good and bad.

Well no actually, you haven’t. I would take a good honest south Devon estuary town over this repulsively preened, tax-free, playboy hideout any day of the week. In fact, I might even pick a trip to Birmingham over a stay in the world’s most elitist principality - and yet this week (to my great surprise) I found myself at Monaco Harbour, standing on a red carpet and nibbling a croissant.

With my scruffy journo jeans and my wayward DIY haircut, it was plain I was doing about as much for the vibe as an anarchist at a knitting tutorial – and yet I was enjoying myself regardless. And the reason for that wasn’t the delightful weather, the rampant totty or the absurd, budget-oblivious superyachts. It wasn’t even the Champagne. It was all about the new Revolver 44GT, a performance boat from a fresh Italian yard and only the second model to emerge from the company since its foundation in 2010.

Equipped with a pair of 550hp diesels, Arneson Surface Drives and a price tag not far short of a million Euros, the Revolver is by no means your average 44-foot runabout. On the contrary, it’s a platform littered with innovative (and occasionally outlandish) design departures. From the central column that houses the dash on one side and the heads on the other to the multi-level walkaround layout and the closing cockpit with its icy, air-conditioned interior, there are plenty of promising and unusual features to enjoy – but naturally enough, some of the Revolver’s courageous tangents don’t work so well...

The sliding partitions over the switches are pointless, the helm position is flawed, the schizophrenic arrangement of head-heights appears to have been left pretty much unplanned and some of the finish on this prototype craft will also need to be improved on production models if the 44 is to succeed.

Nonetheless, Revolver’s new GT made me smile in Monaco - and any boat that can do that is a world-beater in my book.

Revolver 44GT

Revolver 44GT - Just shy of €1m.

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Written by: Alex Smith
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