Regular readers of will know that we aren’t wholesale fans of Revolver’s first two powerboats. While both the 42R and the 44GT (read full review) are indisputably beautiful and more than a little rapid, there are elements where the passionate freehand of the designer seems to get in the way of everyday practicalities. So it’s very welcome news to see that this young and effervescent Italian company is set to launch a “real game changer” of a craft, boasting that most practical of all configurations: the Centre Console.

We first spoke about the bold new 43CC project back in July, when all that was available were some excitable ideas and some preliminary sketches. But Revolver has now released a set of more detailed images that appear to reinforce our initial impressions.

Revolver 43CC

The latest pictures of the Revolver 43CC suggest very good things.


Designed to tap into the high-performance, outboard-powered centre-console market, the new craft is the work of Italian designer Alberto Mancini of AM Yacht Design. As originally speculated, it picks up on design elements introduced in previous models and inspired by the world of supercars, with a hard top designed in the fashion of a rear spoiler. It also offers precisely the open-boat freedom of movement that was lacking on Revolver’s previous two craft. And with foldout bulwarks on either side of the cockpit, it also looks likely to provide the luxury of expandable deck space for parties at anchor.

Open platform  – Revolver 43CC

An open platform with a centre console offers a welcome dose of practicality.


In terms of performance, the radical pace and dynamism of the Revolver brand looks very much intact. You can spec either a twin or triple rig of Mercury 400R or Seven Marine outboard engines for a top end well in excess of 50 knots. And while the high-end powerboat market is no stranger to boats that combine, pace, space and versatility, there’s no doubt that the 43CC has all the hallmarks of Revolver’s most convincing leisure platform yet.

Modern fit out – Revolver 43CC

The modernity of the fitting out remains alive and well.


It’s due for launch at some point in 2016 but in the mean time, you can find out more at


Revolver 43CC: specifications

LOA: 12.68 m
Beam: 3.45 m
Engines: twin/triple Mercury 400R / Seven 557
Displacement 6,900 kg
Max people: 12
Berth: four
CE certification: cat B
Designer: Andrea Mancini

Launch due in 2016 – Revolver 43CC

Expect the real thing at some point in 2016.

Written by: Alex Smith
Alex Smith is an ex-Naval officer, with extensive experience as a marine journalist, boat tester and magazine editor. Having raced as a Pilot in the National Thundercat Series and as a Navigator in the inaugural Red Sea RIB Rally, he has now settled in the West Country, where he lives and works as a specialist marine writer and photographer from his narrowboat in Bath.