It's not often that I would stop at a stand to take a look at an inland dayboat, but this is the work of the Rand brothers they are young Danish guys who operate a hire fleet of these things out of Copenhagen. They've bought this to the London Boat Show and it's well worth a closer look.

This boat is called the Rand picnic and the guys want it to be the very best picnic boat in the world at this length length. To that end, it might just be 18ft but it's big enough to contain 10 people. There's 600 litres of storage for your picnic gear in the bow, and another 700 litres of storage here under the seats at the helm. When you sit at the helm you're not exiled at all from the party, in fact you sit right at the head of the table.

I know this looks like a rather gentlemanly, pedestrian sort of boat, and in many ways it, but you can spec in in just about any colour you like, you can spec with a 60hp conventional outboard for 33 knot performance… However, I have to say that in this standard package, with a Torqeedo Cruise 4 on the back, is it will go for eight hours at 4-5 knots and for an inland dayboat, that is just perfect.

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