If you're worried that the onset of mid-winter may have left your docking skills a bit rusty, enjoy a few minutes of the excellent powerboat simulator onlineĀ atĀ www.theboatdocker.com.

The Boat Docker powerboat simulator

The Boat Docker powerboat simulator game.


There are instructions on the site but basically, you just need to click on the Run button in the top left of the control panel. As soon as you do, you will notice that it changes to a Stop button. The simulator is now running.

Use the mouse to click left and right throttles into forward or reverse gears as well as to turn the rudder. It's easier to get the hang of if you use your keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse.

Of course, the trick with twin engine powerboats is to use as little rudder as possible, turning the boat using the two throttles instead.

Practice trying to dock the boat in one of the available docks by just using the shifters. If it looks like disaster is looming, you can always click on the Stop button and plan out your next move before you click on the Start button again. (Unfortunately, there are no Stop buttons when you get on your actual boat!)

If you end up in a precarious position, you can always click on the reset button and start again! You can click on either image to launch one of the simulators.

Once you've mastered the basic set-up you can add in wind and tide at varying strengths.