Netherlands-based Ribbon Yachts' new 45SC radiates luxury. The latest technology and innovative materials have been chosen for the design, including Recaro pod chairs, Bose speakers, an Apple iMac television screen and Rolls Royce jet systems.

Ribbon 45SC

The new Ribbon 45SC uses Esthec composite decking instead of teak

The list of top brands also includes Esthec - composite decking. Ribbon Yachts has chosen to use Esthec  to fit out its latest yacht. The decks boast an immaculate Esthec finish both inside and out, enhancing the geometric lines and sharp angles of the yacht. Esthec’s low-maintenance qualities also add to the luxury of the Ribbon 45 SC. Available in a range of colours, the composite is not only low-maintenance but highly durable. No trees need to be felled for Esthec decks, making them an excellent replacement for traditional teak.

The luxurious aspects of Esthec include not only the quality but also the design of the resin material. With 10 colours to choose from, plus five different joint options, possibilities are endless.