Further information about the Ocea Nemo 44 concept has emerged in the form of additional drawings and more expansive comment from both the idea’s originator and the designer appointed to bring the concept to life.

Aldo Manna of MC Yacht & Co International originally came up with the idea as an antidote to the pervasive tendency among superyacht owners to treat their vessels as luxury hotels. He believed they were somewhat bored by the experience and were losing that essential connection with the water that had compelled them to invest in a yacht in the first place.

Nemo 44 update – New range announced

The Nemo 44 is designed to be the start of a broader Nemo range.


His answer was what he describes as the world’s first ‘Sport Utility Yacht’ – a craft that would “set free yacht owners from the static feeling of a rigid luxury floating hotel and get them back to the sea.” He tasked naval architect, Fulvio de Simoni, with converting the idea into three-dimensional form and further progress with the project has now seen Aldo Manna flesh out the details of his thinking...

“Owners of 100-foot plus vessels are living on their boats as luxury hotels, pampered with all comforts. Nevertheless, they are slightly bored with the way they stay onboard. Even when they drop anchor in a beautiful bay, they often perceive a lack of contact with the sea. Therefore I conceived a boat capable of offering all the superyacht cosiness, combined with an extensive range of amenities and the very best in terms of good life on the water.”

Superyacht toys – Nemo 44 update

The Nemo 44 is designed to get superyacht owners back on the water with its array of toys.


The craft aims to fulfil what Manna calls a growing demand for a new superyacht class along the lines of an SUV for the water – a ‘Sport Utility Yacht’ that can operate as an authentic seafaring vessel in deep waters, but still provide luxury living and a variety of ways to stay in touch with the water and marine life. And such is his excitement with the idea that the Nemo 44 will apparently be the spearhead for an entire “project range” from 38 to 65 metres in length. Stay tuned to boats.com for further details as they emerge...

Nemo 44: Sports Utility concept unveiled

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