The Lagoon 40 is a lovely catamaran, available in three distinct versions, one with three cabins and two with four cabins. It is obviously aimed very squarely at the charter market.

Watch the First Look Video we filmed at Cannes recently.


The first thing that strikes you about this boat, is the lovely hard top giving welcome shade over the dining area. There is a single helm position with a nice view out over the starboard side, while the galley is very strategically placed right next to the dining area.

The model we looked at was the three-berth option, with the owner's suite in one hull, and two guest cabins in the other hull.

It really has a lovely feel, I'd say you have the best of both worlds, with lots of hatches giving you lots of light and yet you have all this dark wood giving you a cool feeling inside. It's all very nicely put together.

The Lagoon 40 has nice white decks built in non-slip, and all the hatches are vented and recessed. The thing I particularly like is all the rigging is led back to the winches in the cockpit, making this boat very easy to sail singlehanded.

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