So Alex’s Smith’s article on which boat to buy to attract the right girl (Babe magnets: boats to wow the ladies) made many of us of the so-called “fairer sex” smile. But none of the - admittedly impressive in some cases - craft that he listed would have a hope of impressing a girl of my persuasion… that is a lover of those flappy things called sails. While the man who captured my heart didn’t own any of these, if he had he might have caught it much more easily! Anyway here’s our follow-up list of the sailing yachts to get the girl… totally tongue in cheek and, of course we’re not completely serious, but it’s a fun way to look at some dream boats!

49er Richard Langdon British-Sailing-Team Charlotte Dobson Sophie-Ainsworth

The glorious 49er. This image is of the smaller FX rig, being sailed by British Sailing Team members and Olympic hopefuls Charlotte Dobson and Sophie-Ainsworth. Photo Richard Langdon/British Sailing Team.


Twin trapeze, high adrenaline Olympic class. To sail one of these you need to be pretty fit and have a love of high speed and a challenge. That generally means plenty of hours in the gym, so you are likely not only to have a fun and exciting boat that looks impressive if the girl of your dreams sees you sailing it, you may well get a body to match! It’s not an easy craft to master, but if you do, and are confident enough to offer to take the girl you have your eye on for a spin, then you have a bit of a head start on the guy who sails a Wayfarer! For more dinghies see Best beginner dinghies.

Expect to attract: Sporty, fun-loving, flip-flop-wearing water babes.

Alternatives: Foiling Moth, 18ft Skiff.

The Spirit 46 - Spirit Yachts produce a range of sizes up to a 70-footer.

The Spirit 46 - Spirit Yachts produce a range of sizes up to a 70-footer and has to be one of the top yachts to get the girl!

Spirit Yacht

It worked for James Bond! (see Box office boats: 5 of the best from James Bond) Spirit has made a name for itself designing and building modern yachts with all the looks of a beautiful classic. Teak decks, gleaming varnish… this is a yacht that is certain to turn heads in a much more classy way than a big, brash powerboat. It’s the sort of yacht that begs a closer inspection, so a tour of the yacht should prove an irresistible invitation for any yacht-loving lady (or man for that matter!).

Expect to attract: Jet-setting, red frock and stiletto-wearing glamour girls.

Alternatives: J-Class.

Fishing smacks

With their gaff rig Fishing Smacks aren't generally brilliant at going upwind.

Fishing Smack

These beauties were once working boats and while they don’t have the gleaming varnish work of a Spirit Yacht, they have a special charm. Sailing to windward isn’t really their strength, but downwind they have more sails than pretty much any yacht on the water! Their owners are more likely to sport a beard and a red neckerchief than a Rolex. The accommodation is likely to be basic, but the smell of Stockholm tar is a pleasant one, and while the galley might not function very well, it looks great! Even Lady Chatterley might be tempted! Suggest you consider joining the Old Gaffer's Association if this is your bag.

Expect to attract: Arty, poetry-reading romantic types.

Alternatives: Thames Barge, Bristol Pilot Cutter.


The TP52s tend to race in some stunning Mediterranean locations.


Highly competitive raceboat with its own established professional racing circuit. To own one of these and do well, you need to be able to afford a hefty crew bill as well as the craft itself. The racing is high powered and the circuit takes the yachts to some stunning sailing locations. Bear in mind you may have to compete with your crew, who are likely to include a well-built and tanned smooth-talking Adonis among the smellier types living out of a kit bag. The beauty of these boats is you will often have the issue of needing to make your crew weights add up – for which lightweight females are a perfect solution. What better chat up line?

Expect to attract: Petite, dainty, European racer chasers to make up that awkward extra 45-55kg.

Alternatives: Swan 45 (see 6 of the best Nautor’s Swan yachts of all-time), one-off raceboat that wins things.

Yachts to get the girl: Oyster 575

This Oyster 575 looks like it even comes with a girl!

Oyster 575

Luxury bluewater cruiser, ideal for couples to sail together. This would be the perfect yacht for that dream round-the-world trip. “Come and sail off into the sunset with me,” might not be the most successful chat-up line - if you think I'm being silly, I have to point out that it was used on me once, and by an Oyster owner. Perhaps it would have worked with a different girl, but I was unimpressed! I’d suggest a day trip might be a better place to start.

Expect to attract: Adventurous types looking to take a year off from their city job and eternal students looking to travel the world.

Alternatives: Gunfleet 58.

Yachts to get the girl: Moody 34

The unassuming Moody 34.

Moody 34

Budget cruising boat that’s perfect for trips across to France (see Moody 34s for sale on A yacht on a budget but still one you can have plenty of fun with. Chances are you’ll do a lot of the work on the boat yourself. Your sails might not be the newest, crispest ones out there, but what you lack in finance you make up for in skills. You can probably rustle up a good meal, iron your own shirts, as well as carry out any basic boat or car repairs. All together that makes you a Very Useful Engine and it’s always good be useful rather than simply decorative!

Expect to attract: Practical, thrifty DIY enthusiasts.

Alternatives: Beneteau, Westerly Fulmar.

Open 60 Hugo Boss

The Open 60 Hugo Boss - the French dominate the Open 60 circuits but this boat is skippered by Brit Alex Thomson.

Open 60

Ocean racing yacht used in the top solo ocean races. If you own one of these you are probably French, slightly unshaven and may well have a girl in every port! Still what you might lack in terms of a steady, secure job and marriage prospects, you make up for with sex appeal! Your boat looks great, and as a solo sailor you can easily take the object of your interest out for a spin and impress her as you nonchalantly sail her singlehanded.

Expect to attract: Pretty young ladies who are happy to dream of you while you’re away.

Alternatives: Volvo Ocean 65, Open 50, MOD70.

Of course having the right boat is only going to get you so far… perhaps only your boat will get a second glance, and at the end of the day you need a personality that’s going to cut the mustard as well!

Now if you're a girl looking to get the right boat to attract the men, some more entertaining reading can be found in our features yachts to get the guy and boats to impress the guys.

Written by: Gael Pawson
Gael Pawson is the editor of Yachts & Yachting Magazine and the founder of Creating Waves. A keen racer, she has sailed all her life, and started writing about the subject whilst studying journalism at university. Dinghies and small keelboats are her first loves, but she has cruised and raced a huge variety of boats in locations across the world.