The 200 HX from Italian builder Invictus is a crossover model - a family boat which has also been ruggedly put together for adventurous fishing and offshore cruising.

Looking at this boat you get a hint that it was inspired by the military as it's certainly built for action. This is a very solid gantry, booster seat, and at the back you have a twin sink and a little cooker unit. Now you can actually remove this unit and replace it with the bench you see on the sister ship next door.

The 200HX was making its premier at the Cannes Boat Show. It didn't have an engine fitted, but will take anything from a 90 to 150HP outboard, Invictus says it should reach speeds of about 36 knots with a 150 fitted. Solidly built and intended as a 4x4 of the seas, it looks like it could a bag of fun.

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