I’m not female. That much is probably evident from my beard, my brash insensitivity and my recent article entitled Babe magnets: boats to wow the ladies. And yet we live in enlightened times, full of strong and liberated women, so it was always inevitable that I would be compelled to write a sequel to that piece, involving some guidance for women in search of boats to impress the fellas. Of course, it is extremely unlikely that a woman would be so juvenile as to adopt such an approach to courtship, but that’s not the point. The point is that a woman who pulls up at a marina in any kind of boat is likely to find herself highly favoured – but if that boat happens to be one of the following, her allure will be virtually boundless...


(1) Expedition yacht - boats to impress the explorer

A woman at the controls of a potent machine is fabulously sexy – and an expedition vessel is as potent as it gets.

Expedition yacht : Man MAgnets - boats to attract the fellas

Bristling with ocean-going technology, huge reserves of power and endurance, at the helm of an expedition yacht like this, no man will be able to resist your charms.

Steel hulls with lighter GRP or aluminium topsides are common, partly for strength and partly for a low centre of gravity and better seakeeping. Active stabilisers, long-distance fuel tanks and the reassurance of redundancy built into every vital system are also par for the course. Of course, if space and budget allow, some extra toys, like an offshore RIB, a helicopter and a mini-sub are definitely on the cards. But even then, as the skipper of a boat like this, you are less about the excess and ostentation and more about the action and adventure – and a man who doesn’t enjoy the idea of oceanic crossings, polar expeditions and Caribbean island-hopping is probably not worth knowing.


(2) Triton Submersible - boats to impress the extreme sportsman

Submarines are deeply cool but none are cooler than a Triton.

Triton submersible - boats to impress

Triton submersibles can dive to 11,000 metres and come with their own support vessels.

Established in 2007, Triton builds manned submersibles for yacht-based deployment - and in pursuit of the ultimate underwater experience, it equips its craft with transparent pressure hulls, so your underwater view remains panoramic and unconfined. It produces a broad range of boats, including a two-passenger model rated to a depth of 1,675 metres and a ‘Full Ocean Depth’ model, which is rated to an astonishing 11,000 metres.

You can also choose between a four, six or even eight-passenger model but whichever way you go, propulsion is generated by pairs of battery–powered thrusters and controlled with a touchscreen interface and a joystick. Happily, you don’t even need a vast mothership to house and deploy your submarine, as Triton also offers a line of long-range submersible support vessel (SSVs). In short, with this kind of gadgetry in your arsenal, you’re a woman every man wants to meet.



(3) Maxi Dolphin MD51 - boats to impress the cosmopolitan

Maxi Dolphin is a very cool boat builder.

Maxi Dolphin MD51 - boats to impress

Exuding exclusive style and exorbitant wealth with a vessel such as this Maxi Dolphin MD51, is never a bad start for a man magnet.

Designed by Roberto Starkel and inspired by 1930s sailboats, the MD51 might be the smallest of the company’s high-end yachts, but it is also distinctly modern, with a claimed 100 litres per hour at cruising speeds and a cruising range of around 540 nautical miles. That comes partly from the lightweight construction (just 10,500kg), partly from the efficient hull lines and partly from the remarkably abstemious powerplant – in this case, a pair of 435hp Volvo Penta IPS 600 engines.

Maxi Dolphin might not be the oldest, most decorated or most highly revered builder in Italy, but the fact that there are only three powerboats in its entire fleet adds some attractive exclusivity to the mix – and the fact that the internals (from the layout to the materials) are highly customisable means that you can tailor your yacht in whatever way you choose. And of course, as a woman of considerable wealth, sporting pedigree and high-end sophistication, your choices are likely to be spot on.

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(4) SACS Strider 18 - boats to impress the traveller

This SACS flagship is proof that ramping up the scale, supercharging the luxuries and going nuts with the power does a great deal to maximise the allure of a RIB.

SACS Strider 18 : boats to impress

With its 52-knot top end speed, this SACS Strider 18 offshore RIB has sunbeds and two cabins down below.

Designed for fast, long-distance offshore cruising, the Strider 18 centres around a lavish, leather-trimmed, three-man helm station with lateral sliding doors and a pair of huge living areas. In the stern section, you get a twin-table dining station with wraparound seating, plus a vast sunpad with ten square metres of space; and in the bow, you get an additional combination of forward and inward facing benches. Down below are an owner’s stateroom and three-man guest cabin, plus a separate shower compartment and galley – and with vacuum-infusion in the build process and a very low centre of gravity, performance is also right on the money. In short, this is a 56-foot, 19-tonne RIB with a 17-foot beam, Arneson Surface Drives and a 52-knot top-end, plus seating for 22, sleeping for five and lashings of Italian style. If that doesn’t show a girl off in her best light, nothing will.

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(5) Classic Riva - boats to impress royalty

Yes, I know it’s predictable but there’s really no option.

Classic Riva - boats to impress

Much imitated but never bettered, the classic Riva speaks volumes on behalf of the skipper, be she female or male.

A small, open, traditional Riva with plenty of polished wood and pale leather (like the 1974 Aquarama Special, pictured here - see also Aquariva Super: a classic sportscar on water) is as good as it gets. Naturally enough, plenty of modern builders emulate the style but there is always something more special about the Real McCoy. Obviously, the care and quality behind these boats is special but a classic Riva is much more than that. It’s not just a great boat, a beautiful heritage and a resounding endorsement of your impeccable taste – it’s also a pungent cocktail of implications. It means heady olive groves, elegant ochre buildings with shuttered windows, lingering six-course meals and alfresco carafes of Barolo with dusky supermodels against the delectable backdrop of the Italian lakes. If you own and drive one, you are somebody everyone wants to know. Simple as that.

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Written by: Alex Smith
Alex Smith is a journalist, copywriter and magazine editor with a long history in boating and a happy addiction to the water. He’s worked on boats, lived on boats, bought boats, sold boats and – when he’s not actually on board a boat – he can generally be found in his Folkestone office, tapping away at the computer and gazing out to sea.