The demand for foiling catamarans shows no sign of slowing up nine months after the 34th America's Cup showed what the technology is capable of. Hoping to satisfy a portion of that demand is Phantom International, a French boat builder that recently introduced the first foiling beach cat – the Flying Phantom – an 18-foot catamaran with retractable hydrofoils and rudders.

Dieter Loibner had a chance to check out this one-design, two-man fast cat at the Düsseldorf boat show and shows off some of the cool features of the Flying Phantom in the following short video.


Flying Phantom foiling catamaran

The Flying Phantom is an 18ft foiling catamaran launched at Dusseldorf Boat Show.

What appears on the surface to be an F18 catamaran has adjustable L-shaped foils to lift the boat out of the water, then stabilise it once foiling.

The winged rudders are scaled down versions of those used aboard the AC72s that hit speeds of over 45 knots in San Francisco Bay last September. However, on the Flying Phantom, the rudders can be raised enabling the boat to be beached.

Of course, the boat will have to be reviewed thoroughly to prove that it has the power to foil and the stability to stay safely on the foils. But it will be exciting to watch – whatever the outcome.