December and January are sleepy periods for northern European boat owners – the perfect time to sit back in a warm living room and enjoy a spot of winter reading. In July we published a useful round-up of the boating stories from the first half of the year, so it makes sense to follow it up with a second installment. Enjoy the ride and feel free to add any favourites of your own in the comments below.

Light reading

Relax and enjoy a spot of light reading on - Image courtesy of 'africa' /


So, for starters, perhaps you're feeling pessimistic; down in the dumps about the state of your boat, the lack of funds, time and energy to keep everything afloat and everyone happy. Well don't worry – we all feel that way: read Lenny Rudow's hilarious 5 reasons to own a boat and get over it already! Or, you might enjoy planning a holiday instead.

Bucket list

10 boats you must drive before you kick the proverbial bucket.

If you're a fan of fast powerboats then the Powerboat Bucket List is going to give you sweet dreams. Not to mention the classic powerboats list, the best of James Bond, Record-breaking powerboats and plenty more in the powerboats category.

For the yachtsman, Zuzana Prochazka's 10 great modern sailing innovations might inspire you to update some aspect of your boat's equipment. If so, don't miss our whole series of How To articles including most recently: Servicing and Repairing deck fittings and Choosing the right boatyard for your repair work.

M1 Personal Transporter

The M1 is a waterproof, electric-powered personal mobility vehicle, designed to be easy and fun to use

If you're stuck for Christmas presents, perhaps some of these wacky ideas might help: M1 Personal Transporter (pictured left)? Or maybe the Spymaster mini-sub, or the Gibbs Quadski?

Or maybe it's time to get serious about that new boat: our boat reviews and tests category lists every full review we've published, plus there are numerous powerboat mini-reviews such as: Baja 35 Outlaw, Windy 29 Coho and the stylish Vripack Esquire 35.

And last, but not least, the long winter evenings are a chance to catch up on the video category: including most recently (and spectacularly), some footage of what may be the biggest wave ever surfed. Click the image below to watch – don't have nightmares – and enjoy your winter!