Ocean racing (for owners) has been likened to standing in a cold shower tearing up large-denomination cash notes of the currency of your choice. And in every clip shown in the compilation below, it's really not hard to see how that description came into being.




But of course that description makes it sound like there's no fun involved at all, when as the clip demonstrates, the fun is never-ending... as long as doing double-figure speeds down into the trough of an ocean swell is your idea of fun!

And who wouldn't love it? Well, insurance companies, for one – they hate extreme offshore sailing for some reason. Also, those who suffer from motion sickness, agoraphobia, claustrophobia; anyone who doesn't like having latex neck and wrist seals on for days at a time; anyone with a fear of flying, since most of the boats in these clips seem to spend a quite a lot of their time out of the water preparing for a hard landing on the next wave. Anyone with back problems, heart problems, delicate skin, intolerance for extremes of temperature, who needs a varied diet and regular sleep... Anyone attached to notions of routine, order, privacy, cleanliness or health and safety also need not apply.

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