Stuck in the office? Champagne sailing conditions out on the bay? Well take a break and enjoy a full 10 minutes of high-speed extreme dinghy sailing caught on camera.

It's probably advisable to put your headphones on as well!




The video focusses on the Laser fleet attempting to keep racing in some very testing conditions. Big swells play their part but it's chiefly the big breeze that is causing the carnage. The 470 fleet also gets a look-in with some truly tired looking spinnakers by the end of that sequence.

However, the best is saved for last as a Laser gybe goes comically wrong. Naturally that unfortunate skipper is subjected to multiple repeats of the event and will no doubt never live it down!

Witness multiple capsizes, including trapeze dives, where the crew on the wire has to leap to leeward once the dinghy has heeled over past the point of no return. There's also some great heavy weather boat handling on display as one skipper overhauls several others on a boisterous downwind leg of a race.

It's dinghy sailing at its most extreme and most entertaining. Enjoy!


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