Marine electric outboards have come a long way over the last 20 years but for most boat owners the engines offer too little power and range for too high a price when compared to combustion engines. But progress continues apace, as editor Dieter Loibner discovers while talking with Dr Cristoph Ballin, Managing Director of Torqeedo outboards in the video below.


Small Torqeedo outboards are much lighter and more easily stowable than combustion engines of the same power rating and over time may prove economical – especially if recharging is achieved using renewable power. However, for many tender owners the battery power is insufficient for safe use and recharging methods such as solar and wind are not always available.

Torqeedo Deep Blue Hybrid

Torqeedo Deep Blue Hybrid.

The typical battery capacity has improved 5–10 per cent according to Dr. Ballin, but Torqeedo's latest development is to move into the hybrid power market. Based on either the 40hp or 80hp Deep Blue motors, Torqeedo has designed an entire boat-based power production system for a fast cruising multihull, including solar and regeneration from the propellers while sailing. Plus there is a diesel generator as a backup in case all else fails.

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