After a hiatus of three years, during which the company's entire range has been rebranded, Slovenian builder Elan is back to launching new models again, with the announcement of the GT5, an advanced new cruising design.

The GT5 is based on the company's existing performance-focussed E5 model, but features a hull with more freeboard, plus a deck saloon style layout that will provide significantly more internal volume. It will also have a generous cockpit, including a grill, fridge and sink unit, plus space down below for more complex systems including the option of a generator and air conditioning.

Elan GT 5 announced

The new cruising-oriented Elan GT5 is the first new model from this Slovenian builder for a few years.


Elan and Impression ranges rebranded

The new GT range is designed to fill a gap created by a series of significant rebranding moves by Elan since 2015. The Impression range, once the Elan cruising marque, is to drop its use of the Elan name altogether and become a stand-alone brand. The aim of this, according to Marketing Project Manager, Matic Klemenc, is to better serve the different markets for each range. The Impression line-up of cruising yachts splits roughly 50/50 in terms of sales to charter operators and private sales, whereas the more expensive Elan line-up sells exclusively to private owners. See: Elan Impression 494 review: a fine flagship cruiser.

However, it is the Elan range where the rebranding has been much harder to fathom. The entire range was renamed for the 2015 model year, causing a great deal of confusion. But, according to Matic Klemenc, the new names – E1 through to E6 – represent a more honest way of operating, given the temptation throughout the industry to revise a model based on the same hull and simply inflate the boat size in the new model's name. “The plan is to always keep these model names for the Elan range,” he says. “We see it as being like the VW Golf – although the current Golf is very different to the original, everyone knows where it fits in the range and what to expect when they buy one.”

In addition, there’s a S-range of the same boats that are resin infused, which reduces displacement by around seven per cent. While at first sight this may not appear to be a great advantage, on a boat with a planing hull form, this weight saving will help the boat get on the plane at a noticeably earlier stage.


The Elan model names are now:

E1 – a 21-footer, the current model being the former Elan 210.

E2 – this is a gap in the range, with the slot left for a design of around 27ft.

E3 – a 31-footer, currently filled by the former 310/320

E4 – a 35-footer (ex 350/360)

E5 – a 40-footer, ex-400 (originally launched in 2013)

E6 – 45-footer (was filled by the Elan 450, the company’s first twin rudder design, although this is currently not in production)

Elan 4 - formerly the Elan 400

The Elan E4 is Elan's most recent all-new launch. It appeared in early 2013 as the Elan 400.


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Written by: Rupert Holmes
Rupert Holmes has more than 70,000 miles of offshore cruising and racing experience, in waters ranging from the North Sea to the Southern Ocean and Cape Horn. He writes about all aspects of boat ownership and marine travel, including destinations, seamanship and maintenance, as well as undertaking regular new boat and gear tests. He currently sails around 5,000 miles per year and in the past couple of seasons has cruised from the UK to the Azores, as well as winning his class in the 2014 two-handed Round Britain and Ireland Race. He also owns two yachts, one based in the Mediterranean and the other in the UK.