There are certain luxuries that can ruin the bond between a sailor and his or her trusty old yacht. For example, advances in deck gear make hauling and hoisting sails so easy on a brand new boat that it becomes difficult to forgive your own noisy, inefficient blocks and tackle. A taste of the convenience of inboard engine power ruins those stuck with outboard engines. And now there is the Dufour 460 GL with the stern galley – gas cooker, sink and fridge box. Beware, boat owners – it could prove ruinous (even in the UK climate!). Take a look at the whole boat in this short Dufour 40 GL video preview from reviewer, Dieter Loibner, filmed at Dusseldorf Boat Show.



And there is more: the self-tacking jib option could tempt even the fittest sailor away from the cockpit drudgery of grinding in the headsail on every tack or gybe, plus flying a gennaker from the bowsprit is another labour-saving sail-plan development that removes an awful lot of rigging and setting up on deck.

Of course, it all makes sense when you realise that one of the potential cabin layouts down below is for four cabins each with its own head – ideal for chartering. A relaxing holiday on somebody else's well-designed, luxurious cruising yacht: absolutely guaranteed to leave any sailor wanting a new yacht!

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