Delphia Yachts is Poland’s largest manufacturer of sailing boats with a range of eight models. Based in Warsaw, the company produces over 150 boats each year and this year launched two new yacht designs: The Delphia 34 is the larger – the other is the Delphia 29).

See it for yourself in this first look video by reviewer, Dieter Loibner.


Delphia 34 - simple family cruiser

Delphia 34 - simple family cruiser.

Intended as a simple family cruiser, the Delphia 34 should also provide a good sailing performance. There are several mainsheet control configurations, including a decent cockpit traveler system.

Down below is a choice of two or three cabins and a selection of veneers for decoration.

Founded in 1990, Delphia has a long standing relationship with Brunswick Marine to manufacture a number of their one thousand or so Quicksilver and Uttern class motor boats each year.

The Delphia 1350 Escape was nominated for European powerboat of the year and the Delphia 31 as European yacht of the year both in 2012.

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