The latest in its line of folding trailerable trimarans, the Corsair Cruze 970 features greater volume in the amas and a newly sculpted central hull shape to increase both performance and accommodation volume.




The Corsair website describes the 970 as: "The combination of performance from the award winning Corsair C31 and the spacious comfort of the Corsair 37." Of course, "spacious" is a relative term – trimarans are unable to compete with catamarans, or even monohulls of a similar length in terms of space and practicality. The aft cabin, for example, can only be reached through an access hatch on the cockpit coaming, that is located underneath the tiller extension by the helmsman's feet.

But in terms of speed and performance the extra buoyancy and length of the outer hulls will improve passage times and the helming seats that plug into the main hull and extend out over the water will make steering at speed much more pleasant (if still a damp experience overall).

Down below forwards of the cockpit is a functional galley with an enclosed heads and a double bunk in the forepeak.

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