Italian RIB builder, BWA, has introduced a new flagship to its fleet for the 2015 season. Known as the 28 GTc, this Mediterranean-style 28-foot boat is designed to make much greater use of the internal space than most traditional RIBs, by means of an uncommonly large 11-foot beam allied to a relatively compact centre console.

BWA 28 GTc – flagship Italian RIB

The 28 GTc is the new flagship of the Italian BWA fleet.


Although it is acutely raked, that console is large enough to contain what the builders call a “dressing room” – namely, a toilet, a shower and a small sink. It also features a proper windscreen with substantial grab rail and a helm position that enables a standing, leaning or sitting position. Both driver and co-pilot get a footrest and the seat base can be either left as a locker or equipped with an ice chest, a fridge or a removable bench.

BWA 28 GTc – central helm console

The central helm leaves plenty of space for deck furniture.

Up in the bow, there is room for a small table so you can use it as a forward dining space and with the infil in place, it can also be transformed into an all-over sundeck from the bow pulpit right aft to the forward edge of the helm console. But it’s the back end that makes the real difference, with a large dining area that can be expanded into a full-beam sundeck courtesy of expandable coamings with cushioned headrests. You also get long, curved stern platforms to increase watersports useability, plus plenty of storage.

With a heavyweight, six-part Hypalon collar, a category B rating and the ability to carry up to 20 people, the 28 GTc is available with either single or twin outboard rigs of up to 400hp. However, quoted figures suggest that a single 250 will deliver a 12-knot plane, a 40-knot top end and fuel flow of less than a litre per mile at speeds of up to 25 knots. When you factor in the 365-litre fuel tank, that ought to make this an uncommonly long-range craft as well as a very versatile and user-friendly one.

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BWA 28 GTc – versatile back end

The back end looks uncommonly versatile by RIB standards.