The recent Salon Nautique Boat Show in Paris saw its fair share of product launches, but perhaps chief among them was the third wave of Beneteau’s new pursuit-specific Flyer concept: the Beneteau Flyer 7.

Beneteau Flyer 7: new flagship

The Beneteau Flyer 7 was launched at this year's Paris Boat Show.


This product line was first introduced in Paris a year ago, when the Flyer 6, an outboard-powered six-metre platform, impressed pundits with its ready-made provision of three configurations – the SPACEdeck (which offered a completely open deck, wide side passages and a foldaway aft bench); the SUNdeck (which used a large forward sunpad above a small cabin with an optional marine toilet) and the SPORTdeck (which employed a lightweight bowrider layout with the option of a wakeboard tower).


The user-friendly simplicity of the concept went down a storm and in its bid to continue “shaking the codes of motorboating”, Beneteau went on to introduce a smaller Flyer 5 along the same lines, before following that up with the new flagship Flyer 7 you see here.


Beneteau Flyer 7 Sundeck

The Beneteau Flyer 7 in Sundeck configuration.

Underpinned by the same stable, grippy and obedient “AirStep” hull form as the smaller models, the new boat, which measure just over seven metres in length, also comes with the same successful trio of layouts, the same youthful styling and the same flexibility in outboard choice. You can spec a twin or single rig of up to 300hp – and with 40cm extra in the beam, as well as 1.2m in length, there is seating for up to nine people, plus the option of an upgraded 400-litre fuel tank for longer-range transits.


While initial images suggest that some of the trim remains a touch flimsy, there is no doubt that by bringing together the Flyer’s laudable design clarity with the extra versatility of a larger platform (not least in the galley and the heads), Beneteau is on course to win a lot of friends. Sadly for those of us in the UK, the new model won’t be on show in London this January, but it will instead be making an appearance at the Dusseldorf Boat Show, so look out for a more in depth report very shortly...

Beneteau Flyer 7 Sportdeck

Beneteau Flyer 7 in Sportdeck configuration.



Written by: Alex Smith
Alex Smith is an ex-Naval officer, with extensive experience as a marine journalist, boat tester and magazine editor. Having raced as a Pilot in the National Thundercat Series and as a Navigator in the inaugural Red Sea RIB Rally, he has now settled in the West Country, where he lives and works as a specialist marine writer and photographer from his narrowboat in Bath.