French sail cat specialist, Aventura, has launched its first ever powercat, the Aventura 10. Power at the Cannes International Yachting Festival.

Known as the ‘10. Power,’ this Tunisian-built 33-foot cat is not the revamped sailing boat you might expect but a fresh power-specific design from the ground up. The hulls, the deck layouts, the superstructure and the accommodation are all designed to offer something fresh for the cruiser in search of the convenience of power and the unrivalled space of a multihull.

Watch a First Look Video of the boat below.



In addition to very broad external decks to link the foredeck and the aft cockpit, the Aventura powercat features a saloon with a central helm, excellent visibility, an extended starboard galley and enough space to seat at least six around the dining table. In common with a lot of powercats at this length, it also offers 20-knot performance allied to a range of around 1,000 nautical miles. However, what differentiates Aventura's powercat from the pack is the design of the foredeck…

The unusual scale and elevation of the bow mouldings generates a deepset communal area that can be used either for dining or, in relatively calm conditions, as a safe and secure place for the family to sit and enjoy the view. And down below, the value of this forward arrangement is even more pronounced.

While most catamarans crowbar their cabins into the narrow space provided by each individual hull, the forward cabins here use elevated beds that extend into those additional foredeck cavities. You can spec this boat with three, rather than four, cabins, in which case one of those central spaces is employed as a vast storage compartment, accessed directly from the foredeck. However, given that it only costs an additional 3,000 Euros for that fourth cabin, it’s most definitely false economy to leave it empty. After all, it’s far easier to stow extra baggage in a cabin than it is to bed down in a storage compartment.

It’s a concept with plenty of promise and one we’ll be investigating in greater detail in the near future. In the mean time, for more on Aventura’s first foray into the world of power cruising, visit Aventura's website. Check out more of our First Look Videos from Cannes, such as Bayliner Element CC7 video: first look and Chris-Craft Commander 42 video: first look.

The first Aventura powercat

The Aventura 10. Power is an impressive tangent from the world of sail for French specialist Aventura.

Written by: Alex Smith
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