Quintessence Yachts and Aston Martin have revealed some extra details regarding the hotly anticipated AM37 – their first collaborative powerboat, due for completion in September 2015.

cockpit lid – Aston Martin AM37 details

The cockpit can be closed with a press of the button on the AM37 key.

Following on from the official presentation of the renderings at the Aston Martin HQ in April, an event at the Armani Hotel in Dubai this month has detailed several fresh features, including a sliding deck and some interesting onboard computer technologies. The new deck system will enable the skipper to completely cover the cockpit at the end of a day, courtesy of three carbon panels that are electronically controlled. When you want an open cockpit, simply hit the button on the key and they retract beneath the aft deck. That cleverly arranged deck section can then slide aft to facilitate easy access from the dock, or it can lift up to provide an uninhibited route to the engine, the storage spaces and the bimini.

Concealed carbon cockpit cover – Aston Martin AM37 details

When open, the carbon cockpit cover slides beneath the aft deck.


The AM37 experience will be further enhanced by its onboard technologies. For instance, the air conditioning, fridge and espresso machine (vital on any well-to-do sports boat) can be started remotely, while you’re still at home or en route to the marina. The new boat will also feature integrated navigation and entertainment systems, with advanced multimedia functions and interactive voice control, all wrapped up in a dash-mounted, 15-inch, HD touchscreen interface. And in addition to sumptuous sportscar style seats and upholstery, the driver will also have access to a dedicated display for engine status.

High-tech dashboard – Aston Martin AM37 details

The dash is all about integrated, high-tech controllability.


So do these updates alter our take on this exciting new project? Well not really. They’re still calling it a “totally new maritime concept”, which it isn’t. They’re still calling it a “revolutionary” new series of powerboats, which (again) it is not. But from the evidence so far, what this thing does appear to be is a fast and beautifully styled boat, built by a big player and infused with the distinctive design direction of Aston Martin – and that’s easily enough to warrant a full test when it hits the water this September. In the mean time, expect further details the moment they emerge...

Styling – Aston Martin AM37 details

None of it is revolutionary but it's exciting nonetheless.


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Written by: Alex Smith
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