Grand Soleil Boat Reviews

  1. Reviews / Cruiser (Sail)

    Grand Soleil 46LC review

    Rupert Holmes
    Nov 28, 2016

    The Grand Soleil 46LC is a comfortable yet fast and stylish yacht designed specifically with the needs of long-distance cruising in mind. …Read More

  2. Reviews / Racer

    Grand Soleil 50 review: new composite structure

    Rupert Holmes
    Nov 11, 2015

    The all new Grand Soleil 50 combines excellent performance with quality, comfortable accommodation. Rupert Holmes reports. …Read More

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  4. Reviews / Racer

    Grand Soleil 43: an appealing blend

    Rupert Holmes
    Oct 22, 2012

    Italian boat builder Cantiere del Pardo‚Äôs Grand Soleil range has an enviable reputation both on the racecourse and as quality performance cruisers. Rupert Holmes sailed the first Claudio Maletto designed Grand Soleil 43... …Read More

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  7. Reviews / Racer

    Grand Soleil 39: nifty, charming and fast

    Michael Good
    Apr 17, 2012

    Sporty, elegant and full of good ideas, the new Grand Soleil 39 exhibits the qualities of a modern performance cruiser and what sets it apart from common cruising yachts …Read More