The 2015 edition of the UK's largest on-water boat show opens its doors to the public on Friday 11 September. If you are thinking of buying a brand new boat this year, take a look at our New sailing boats at Southampton or 10 outstanding powerboats at Southampton Boat Show. Alternatively, you may be thinking of improving the boat you already have, so here's the guide to the new products: engines and equipment; shoes, electronics and more on display at the 2015 show.


Pontos 4-speed winches – Stand D033

French designed and manufactured Pontos 4-speed automatic winches are now available in the UK and the full range – the Grinder, the Trimmer and the Compact 2-speed model – will be on display at the show. For a stunning demonstration of the Grinder winch in action, see the video link below, and for anyone considering electric winches, this could be a much cheaper and still very effective option (see also: WinchRite: a viable alternative to electric winches?)

Pontos Grinder 4 speed winch

Watch the Pontos Grinder 4 speed winch in action.

The 4 speed Grinder is capable of sheeting in 70cm per rotation of the winch handle in top gear – on a JPK 10.60 in light winds this equates to sheeting in the entire jib in less than four cranks on the handle. Reversing the handle's direction provides more power, then reverse again for even more – thanks to the load sensitive gearing inside the drum. Then once more for luck. For racers, this means a single crew member can release the loaded sheet in a tack and wind in on the new tack using the winch handle and the self-tailer.

Interestingly, Pontos have also inverted their automatic clutch concept to make the Trimmer model – more suitable for cruising sailors where power is more important than speed. The Trimmer doesn't have a super-fast gear, but when loaded up, third and fourth gear enable crew to continue winding one-handed where a normal two-speed winch would require both hands and plenty of grunt.

For more on the new Pontos 4-speed winches, see:


Navionics SonarChart – G160

Navionics smartphone and tablet computer app is currently overflowing with new features, including autorouting and SonarChart, which enables sonar readings to be translated into on-screen chart features in real time and then shared with all other Navionics users. For a great demonstration, see this video below.


" target="_blank">Navionics SonarChart live demonstration

Navionics SonarChart live demonstration.