It was a year ago almost to the day that the Vestas Sailrocket team smashed the world speed sailing record with Sailrocket2. Now, for the first time, see the full record setting run from start to finish in this nine-minute video. Warning: there is some swearing!



Since 2004, the world speed sailing record had been set and broken only by windsurfers and kite boarders, apart from the foiling trimaran Hydroptere in 2009. Kite boarders broke their own record three times in 2010, inching gradually up to 55.65 knots. Then in 2012, Sailrocket 2 overcame its final technical problems and jumped up first by 4 knots to 59.23, followed swiftly by a staggering average speed over 500 metres of 65.45 knots and a top speed of 67+.

But the next challenge to the world record may come from the Hydroptere team (the 2009 record holders) with a Sailrocket influenced design: Hydroptere Rocket.

Sailrocket 2

Sailrocket 2 prepares for world record run November 2012