Are you just getting your sea legs under you, or are happy to hold others up and welcome them to the infinitely varied world of boats? Do you love life on the water for its simplicity and prefer spending each day listening to the water lap against the hull? Or are you the type always immersed in a boat project, researching and acquiring the latest nautical gadgets?

Whatever the case, perhaps it’s time to gain deeper understanding and insight into your boating personality. As always, the editors at are anticipating your needs. Take our short quiz, and in your results you’ll find links to articles tailored to your interest.

boat quiz

What type of boater are you? A captain? A sea sponge? Take our fun boating quiz to find out.

If the results don’t seem right for you tomorrow, take this fun boating quiz again. If you’re like the rest of us, every day in boating has a new adventure in store.

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