Torqeedo, undisputed top dog in the electric propulsion industry and winner of the Overall DAME Award at METSTRADE Show 2016, has unveiled a range of new products for 2017.

The first and most exciting of them involves a high-profile partnership with BMW and the adaptation of the company’s ‘i’ high-voltage battery for use with Torqeedo’s Deep Blue system. Boasting higher energy density, lower costs and industry-leading safety standards, the new unit offers the very latest in automotive battery engineering and is available for boats equipped with Torqeedo’s 40 and 80hp (equivalent) electric motor systems.

Torqeedo upgrades for 2017

Torqeedo's industry-leading range is getting some major tweaks for 2017 copy.


In addition, Torqeedo’s Cruise FP motors, with lithium batteries, new electronic throttles and a state-of-the-art user interface, will now be available in 5, 8 and 20hp equivalents. And Torqeedo’s most popular motor, the Travel 1003, will also be available in a more powerful ‘Travel 1003 C’ variant. As the clean alternative to a small petrol outboard (and the ideal auxiliary for a compact recreational powerboat), the new Travel 1003 C now offers 73 per cent more capacity in a lightweight 6kg 915Wh battery, enabling it to run for 18 nautical miles at a speed of three knots.

And finally, to complete the 2017 collection, Torqeedo is introducing a 25 kW Range Extender – reportedly the first inverter generator capable of supplying electricity for yachts and supporting serial hybrid systems. By ensuring that the combustion engine always runs at its most efficient operating point, it can apparently supply its full 25 kW, regardless of fluctuating load demands or the voltage level of the Deep Blue batteries. It has been specifically designed as an efficient means of powering the Deep Blue system, so it is able to integrate fully into the motor’s information and safety systems.

CEO and Co-Founder of Torqeedo, Doctor Christoph Ballin, is clearly excited about the latest upgrades to his fleet: “Torqeedo leads the way with consistent new innovation in the marine propulsion industry and these new developments highlight our commitment to the sector. Along our entire product range, Torqeedo now offers compelling solutions for sailors from small sailing dinghies up to 80-foot luxury yachts.”

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