Look closely at this video of the Tarzan Boat in action: there are children having the time of their lives hurling themselves merrily off the three-metre high deck in a variety of amusing ways, but it's not just the kids having fun. There's older brother and sister... and there's Dad and Mum too!




Jumping into the water (assuming you know how to swim) is a basic human smile trigger, but too little time and ingenuity has gone into combining trampolines and jumping, summersaulting, jacknifing, bombing and spread-eagling.

Tarzan Boats is based in Chattanooga, Tennessee and describes its unique floating water park concept as an oasis of adrenaline – "one boat: six attractions". The specially designed platform includes an outboard engine mount, two staircases and a 14ft high top deck. All the equipment on board folds down and stows neatly enabling the crew to manoeuvre the boat alongside for docking and storage.

Perfectly suited to the scorching hot summers experienced throughout the USA, the Tarzan Boat could catch on in the UK, although wetsuits would be required on all but the very hottest days. And in the middle of winter, one of these on your local boating lake might just look like a feature in Dismaland!

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