While it may not have appeared on an exhibition stand at this year’s London Boat Show, the extraordinary EzyBoat looks set to remain a big draw for the lateral thinking boater in 2012.

EzyBoat unfolding

First introduced at the 2009 Birmingham Boat Show, the EzyBoat is a versatile 4.4-metre fibreglass craft, which folds up to form its own fully integrated trailer, complete with wheels that retract into the hull when launched. That makes it easy to tow and convenient to store, as Ezyboat CEO, Sascha Giest, explains: “You can trail it, sail it or power it. When you’re ready to take it home, the EzyBoat folds to an overall length of just 2.5 metres. It can be stowed quite easily in your garage, generally leaving sufficient space for a car as well.” That means it also solves both the ‘where to park the trailer’ and the ‘where to store the boat’ problems.

Designed to accommodate anything up to a 25 hp outboard, it will perform very well with much smaller motors or electric outboards. There’s no need to remove the outboard for transport either, as the hinged transom allows the motor to fold easily inside the boat for convenient storage and security. And the boat’s innovative design also allows it to be sailed. An optional sailing-pack includes a mast and boom, mainsail and jib, centreboard, rudder and basic rigging - all designed for the novice sailor and all of which can be stored inside the folded craft. At around £10,000 as a ready-to-go package, it looks like a really ingenious route to trouble-free boating. See EzyBoat for more information.


Written by: Alex Smith
Alex Smith is an ex-Naval officer, with extensive experience as a marine journalist, boat tester and magazine editor. Having raced as a Pilot in the National Thundercat Series and as a Navigator in the inaugural Red Sea RIB Rally, he has now settled in the West Country, where he lives and works as a specialist marine writer and photographer from his narrowboat in Bath.