A surfing pig? Have you ever heard of such a thing! Nope we hadn't either (but we only recently realised that there are so many surfing dogs that there are actually special competitions organised for them!). We enjoy a good, fun novelty video here at boats.com and this one is a cracker.

This surf-loving pig, named Kama, was filmed with his owner Kai Holt on Sandy Beach, Oahu where he joined the locals for a surf session with a Go-Pro to film the fun.

"He came into our lives at maybe a week old. He is the cutest thing ever," says proud owner, Kai. "He fell into the pool one day and just started swimming. He followed me into the water, jumped on the board, paddled out and got his first wave. Everyone was tripping!

"It's pretty funny to watch - like he knows what he's doing!"




And his technique? Kai explains: "His hooves just lock right in on the board - if you look at his board you can see all the hoof prints!"

What's his favourite surfing spot? "All he knows is he likes it big: three to four!"