There is definitely a risk that boating can get a little too serious, a little too expensive and a little too competitive – which is where boat races like this one filmed at a summer camp in Nanaimo, British Columbia come into their own.

Repeated all over the world under numerous different guises, the Silly Boat Race never ceases to get the crowds going.

Watch for yourself by watching the video below, and see what you (may) have been missing all this time.




As usual for a race like this, there's one team that leaves the others in its wake. Here, the six-paddle-front-runner has either taken part before and realised the secret formula, or else they've misunderstood the 'silly' part of the race.

Competition is, of course part of the fun, but over-elaborate decoration is also key. The second-placed boat in yellow and black flying a selection of bumble bee balloons is no slouch around the course, especially since there is only a crew of three, but still looks very silly indeed!

And then there's the tail-enders: no shortage of effort from the huge crews attempting to drag their rafts around the course but progress is extremely slow. Yet they appear to be having the most fun - and that's the point: winning and losing... whatever. Just get out there, get soaking wet: come ashore, dry off and try again!

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