An America's Cup film? Great, they are few and far between! But this is a far cry from the Francis Ford Coppola classic America's Cup film Wind. This trailer is for The Wind Gods, the story of the 33rd America's Cup race, and while it is more documentary, it definitely hypes up the drama!

I particularly love Jeremy Irons' voiceover. "There is no second place, in competition, in the game of life," he states with all the drama of a first rate actor. "First place is all there is."

Okay, I admit, it already sounds cheesy, and the film's description is even worse! "Awe-inspiring boats that reflect the unlimited reach of human ingenuity, breathtaking views, action, tension, excitement, consummate skill, the pursuit of lifelong dreams and the tempestuous romance between sailors and the sea, set against a soaring musical score." Yes they have got a bit carried away; the 33rd America's Cup was a one-horse race, but still the footage looks fantastic and I think it will be worth seeing just for that!




The film aims to document the whole build up to the last cup as well as the racing, while it also promises that: "The Wind Gods is a tribute to the adventurous spirit that leads men to test their limits, by challenging the elements, the sea, and fate." Hmmm... glossing over the courtroom battles that put the event on hold for so long and put a stop to what was looking like a growing and strengthening circuit involving a wide range of countries. I enjoy any great sailing footage - we don't get enough of that, but I also kept thinking how much better the competition was when the cup was sailed in monohulls...

For more details see The Wind Gods Movie.