Have you ever taken a photograph of what looked like a huge wave from the deck of your boat, only for it to come out looking like a boring bit of flat seascape? "It was really windy!" you enthuse to a rather unimpressed friend... and then wish you'd simply told them of your experience, rather than bring out a photo that is supremely unremarkable. "It was much rougher than that in real life," you mutter!

Well, watch the video linked below. These seafaring camera-wielders had no such difficulties! It's hard to take your eyes off the footage of amazing stormy seas experienced by a range of ocean-going ships. Great to watch while you're cosily snuggled up on the sofa on a wild winter evening!


Big wave footage abounds on the Internet these days, although you need to be picky and do a bit of searching to find the real gems. Here are a few links to some of our other favourite video clips of stormy seas.

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Big waves

Stormy seas - big wave footage from on board ocean-going ships.