It has been announced that RB12 (the Round Britain Land, Sea and Air marathon originally scheduled to start in June 2012) will now be deferred until 19 June 2014. As a result of the delay, the event will now be known as RB14.

RB12 delayed

The organising company ‘Round Britain Ltd’ says economic conditions have compromised the strength of the field, diminishing the competition for the competitors. The move to 2014 is therefore designed to allow for improvements in this area - and while this news may be greeted with dismay by some of the racers, both the event’s sponsors and the competitors’ places are to remain safe for the rescheduled 2014 event.

In the mean time, marathon racers looking for something to get their teeth into should look to Scandinavia, where the Skagerrak Across event is being launched for the first time in 24 years. It will take place on 06 July under UIM classifications and covers a distance of 144 nautical miles from Norway to Denmark. In addition, the BPRC will be running the Cowes-Torquay-Cowes event on the August Bank Holiday weekend, so for more on this, see Cowes 2012 and to stay up to date on the latest progress with the Round Britain event, visit Round Britain 2012.