What's not to love about RC boats? Granted, the noise resembles an angry, giant mosquito trapped in a car on a hot day – and that's without the rest of the fleet chiming in.

However, no doubt once you're at the controls, the noise disappears and the sensation of driving such a tiny boat with absolute precision at high speed must be exhilarating.

See for yourself by clicking on the RC boat video image below:




Of course, in practical terms, as the headline suggests, everything is miniaturised – the boat, the engine, the controls, the weight, the cost, the risk factor (to yourself and others) – yet the speeds some of these machines can achieve is ridiculous: over 100mph in some cases!

And as this promotional video for the sport demonstrates, you can even get in a real boat and drive the RC boat along behind and jump the wake, like you would in a real "boy racer boat".

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