Parkour, or free-running, is, quite simply cool. Cool in a "street" way that yachting, with its superyacht and upper class image, perhaps can never be. But sailing boats provide a fantastic playground for parkour athletes and this fantastic video had me wondering why we haven't seen the two sports come together more often.

In what they claim to be the first ever free running session on the open ocean, parkour athletes Jason Paul and Pasha Petkuns take their skills from the streets to the water. The event happened during the Newport stopover of the Volvo Ocean Race in the USA.

The Volvo Ocean Race yacht proves to be a fun platform for the duo to show off their skills, with plenty of impressive moves. They start off on the dock, but the best bit, in my opinion, is when the sails go up and they start free running while the boat is sailing. Definitely worth a few minutes of your time to watch, and certainly the best video of my week.


Parkour and sailing: free running in Newport Rhode Island.

Parkour and sailing: free running with the Volvo Ocean Race boats in Newport Rhode Island.

Written by: Gael Pawson
Gael Pawson is the editor of Yachts & Yachting Magazine and the founder of Creating Waves. A keen racer, she has sailed all her life, and started writing about the subject whilst studying journalism at university. Dinghies and small keelboats are her first loves, but she has cruised and raced a huge variety of boats in locations across the world.