Powerboat P1 is implementing a comprehensive policy which applies a high level of environmental standards to its activities, particularly its races for both SuperStock powerboats and P1 AquaX jet skis.

Cornish coast

“The need to protect the environment and conserve natural resources is now embraced by the most competitive and successful multi-national companies”, commented Powerboat P1 Chairman Asif Rangoonwala. “Within motorsport, there is increasing sensitivity to the environment and Powerboat P1 recognises our operations have an impact on air quality, water and the generation of waste. We now aim to exceed the minimum requirements of environmental legislation and approved codes of practice to reduce our impact whilst continuing to operate in an environmentally responsible manner.”

P1 took a major initiative in September 2012 by establishing the P1 Marine Foundation, with the charity’s aim being to preserve and improve the marine environment for this generation and those to follow by raising awareness as well as through an education programme and effective partnerships. It is working with Powerboat P1 to establish an environmental programme at SuperStock racing and AquaX events.

The company's new policy addresses issues including carbon footprint, the protection of marine wildlife, and reducing the impact on the local environment. In the UK this means the P1 will be working closer than ever with environmentalists in Plymouth, Hull, Eastbourne, Cowes and Liverpool where P1’s events are held in 2012.

Powerboat P1 conducted an Initial Environmental Review last season and was able to assess the environmental impact of all its operations and events. The results of the review showed which aspects to focus on, and consequently objectives and targets were set to reduce these impacts.

“To outsiders, the words "powerboat racing" and "going green" might seem to be at odds, but with its high profile and use of advanced technology P1 has the ability to highlight issues, engage new partners and help develop solutions”, added Asif. “Our role is to be a catalyst to speed development in the marine industry, to provide a promotional platform for the communication and enhanced adoption of next-generation technologies and to change spectator behaviour.”

Key elements of the new policy are to implement responsible energy management practices and apply initiatives that will help reduce impact on the local environment. The policy also ensures environmental criteria are taken into account in the procurement of goods and services including responsible travel and accommodation.

Powerboat P1 minimises waste through reducing, reusing and recycling initiatives and also has effective programmes to educate employees, volunteers and race teams about environmental best practice.

Following a successful launch in both the UK and USA last year, Powerboat P1 is now planning to expand its SuperStock one-make racing brand into new international markets in the Middle East and Asia. The corporate environmental policy will be applied to these new championships.